Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bennett Clark [One Month]

My sweet Bennett,

I cannot believe you are already a month old. I waited so long for you and now the days are just flying by. 

You've already changed so much. It makes me sad and excited at the same time, sad that each day goes by so quickly but excited to see the little boy you grow into!

You're very alert right after you eat, and you love to look around the room or at people. You also love to hear your voice! Sometimes when I leave you alone I'll hear you talking to yourself and it makes my heart melt :) When I talk to you a lot you try to respond! 

Around 3 1/2 to 4 weeks you started really smiling a lot. Before that, you'd occasionally smile but I think you didn't know you were. Now we can get you to smile and coo if we talk to you and look in your eyes, it's so fun! You are such a happy baby!

You are so good to us, little man. You sleep lots at night, and you rarely fuss during the day. Unless, of course, your binky falls out, then we hear you! But it takes a lot for you to cry, usually you start off with a cute combination of grunts, pouts, and whines. We are so thankful that you're so content. We prayed you would be easy-going, healthy, and happy and boy did God answer our prayers. 

Baby you've taught me a new kind of love. I miss you when I'm not holding you, but I love to see how happy you make other people when they get to hold you! I could stare at you all day, and sometimes I do. 

You love going to camp and seeing all your friends there, and I'm getting used to everyone touching you (even though I hate germs). You are totally content in your carseat, which we also prayed for since we live so far away! You don't even mind going up the windy mountain road. You love being swaddled, but you are a master at getting your hands out the top. It's pretty adorable how you just wriggle and grunt until you get them out! You don't like your feet being touched, but sometimes Daddy and I touch them just to see you wrinkle them all up.

You love your binky, being held, and nursing. You are perfectly content being in the Moby or Ergo carrier, so we always have those around. We also always have a clean binky handy because you need it, or atleast thats what it seems like you're telling us! When you want it, you scrunch up your nose and breathe in and out really fast while turning your head side to side. It's the cutest thing ever. You have eaten like a pro since day 1, and we are so thankful for that. Again, we prayed you'd be a good nurser and that I'd have plenty of milk and baby, we're doin' it!  We haven't had any issues with nursing and we owe God all the glory for that. I love the bond we have and how I can comfort you so easily.

You're currently asleep next to me, in your Rock n Play that sits next to our bed. You sleep very contently in there, and only a few times a week do you come in our bed with us. That's proof how much your daddy loves you, because before you were born he swore you'd never be in the bed with us. Just this week we decided to try to schedule you a little more, on a 3 hour rotation. So far you're doing ok with it, although I'm pretty lax on the time. It's too hard for me to wake you up when you're sleeping, you're just so angelic.

We get to FaceTime with both grandparents a few times a week. They love getting to see you! It's especially fun now that you smile and talk. 

Some of your nicknames are Little Man, Peanut, Mister, Punkin.. but mostly I call you "baby" or "sweet boy".

  I'm just so glad you're mine, little B. You made me a mommy and I'm doing the best I know how. We're learning together, but I love it. I love figuring you out and the way I know how to console you. You're the sweetest little boy I know, and each day I fall more in love with you even when I think I couldn't love you more.  I love you so much, baby.

xoxo, Mama