About Katie

I believe I was born to create. Whether it be with my hands, making crafts, or sewing a quilt;  creating experiences and memories; or transforming my house from a lived in space to an inviting home; I'm learning slowly how to do each one well. Here is our story..
In January of 2009, I left my home of Seattle, with a fresh license in Cosmetology under my belt, to intern for six months at a Young Life camp in Colorado.
I created an adventure, and followed a dream I had wanted to pursue for three years.
While in Colorado, I met the man of my dreams. A sweet southern gentleman from Georgia. It took some prodding from me, but he finally admitted he felt the same way :) When it was time for everyone to head home, Zach decided to follow me home and move to Seattle.
We took a leap of faith, and created a new committed relationship.

I worked as a hairdresser for two years, loved what I did, but didn't love the back pain that came along with it. I felt fulfilled after creating and enhancing beauty all day.

My husband and I were volunteer leaders for Young Life for quite a few years, and feel very strongly about that ministry. We financially support it each month, and prayerfully hope to be involved again sometime soon.

I was blessed enough to walk through life with 9 high school girls (now in college!) and get to know them and their lives. They trusted me enough to share some really deep things, things that young women should never have to deal with. Although I know I taught them a lot, they taught me so much about life and strength and trust. 

I helped to create a safe environment and a place to learn more about our Jesus.

Now, we live in North San Diego County, work at a christian camp - me in the office, and Zach in maintenance - and we are fulfilling our dreams. We absolutely love what we do. We get to serve Christ in an environment where our bosses will pray with us; and we get to live on the side of a mountain. Life is good.

We are creating the rest of our lives... one sweet day at a time.

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