Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kitty Love: Norman & Hadley

It dawned on me a few weeks ago that I never formally introduced our kitties! Part of it was forgetfulness but another part of it was me feeling guilty for getting kittens only a month after we gave away our precious pup. I didn't want to feel like we were replacing him (we were not) with two little kitties (who could never measure up to the pup!).

I love animals. A little obsessed, some might say. Ever since moving out of my parents house, Zach had told me we could get a kitten when we got married. We ended up adopting Hugo instead, which is cool because lets face it, dogs are better than cats. But anyways.

When we moved to California, we decided we would get kittens after Christmas since we would be gone for a week and that would be the responsible thing do to. So of course, after living here an entire two weeks, I slyly suggested we "just look" at kittens after church on Sunday. For some reason, Zach obliged and we found the most timid little grey kitty. We decided we'd better take her home with us, because who knew if there would even BE kittens after Christmas, right!? So we told the Humane Society we were heading to Petco to get  all the kitten essentials, and we would be back that afternoon to pick her up.

We drove to the other side of town where Petco is, and when we pulled up to the door, would you believe what they had there?! Kitten adoptions! Instantly I spotted the most adorable white and grey kitty I'd ever seen! I asked to hold him and fell in love. We had already decided we wanted a girl kitty though, so I moped to the kitten aisle to pick out a collar, litter box, and food for our little grey kitten waiting for us. As we were looking at collars (I picked out the cutest white collar with a rhinestone bow) Zach happened to spot a tiny camo print collar. When he saw that, he didn't want to put it down - I reminded him we wanted the grey kitty at the Humane Society, not the white one here - and that's when he said those magical three little words,

"Let's get both".

To which I responded, "I love being married."

And that's just how the story goes :) Meet our children.

This is "Princess" Hadley. She likes to be around us all the time, but you can only pet her on her terms.  She is spunky, playful, and full of energy. She keeps us on our toes (mainly because we are always tripping over her!) and we love our little girl. Plus she has the silkiest fur of any kitty in the world! Her favorite perch is sitting on top of the couch looking out the window at the horsies.

 Meet Norman! "Stormin" Norman is kind of, how do I say this, special. He's pretty slow on the up-take, is really floppy, and spooks himself pretty easily. He is a total lovebug which captured my heart from day one. If he isn't cuddling with his sister, he's usually on one of our laps. He will play with Hadley about once a day, and he sleeps the rest of the time. He lets me pick him up and hold him whenever I want (well, for the most part) and oh gosh, how could I forget this, he purrs as loud as a lion! I swear! I am such a deep sleeper, and the dang cat wakes me up in the middle of the night. Hey, atleast he is happy. 

Best Friends :) We are so glad they have each other!


Victoria said...

I love your kitties!! I have been considering adopting one... but I am so busy working two jobs I don't want it to be on the back burner! Plus I couldn't be cool like you and get two, and I feel every cat should have a friend {they just seem to get each other, ya know?}

And PS. Don't feel like a loser for giving away your pup, I had to give mine away too :( You can see a pic of her and read my little story at

I feel your pain, hun!


Jamie said...

Your cats are adorable and much more well mannered than mine. I do have to say that mine purrs so loudly as well, but we think she's part tiger as she attacks a lot!

Lauren said...

Aw, I think cats do sooo much better (usually) when they have a friend so I'm so glad you got both of them. Obviously they are super happy that you did too seeing as they're BFFs :)

Molly Jac said...

Not gonna lie I'm not a big cat person but I think yours are adorable. And uhhhh LAYOUT!? Love!!!!!!!

Jamie said...

They are too cute!

Allison said...

I was always a dog person..and then I got my two cats. Now I am definitely a cat and dog lovin person. Your kitties are adorable and I agree it is so much better to have 2!