Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bennett Gets His Own Room!

This is yet another story of God's faithfulness! As you may know, we live and work at a christian camp in the mountains of San Diego county. The camp provides our housing for free which is a huge blessing.

When we found out I am pregnant, one of my first thoughts after the excitement  calmed down was where is the baby going to live? You see, we currently live in a 400 sq ft renovated trailer. It's just enough room for two adults, and that's it.

The camp owns a few other houses that have more bedrooms, but there are people living in all of them. I've been praying hard all summer for something to work out for us, as it's caused a little bit of anxiety not knowing where this babe will live and play. I also didn't want to uproot another family for my own selfish wants of having more space for baby Bennett.

Zach and I have been praying hard now since May for a home to open or be provided for us & our growing family.

A few weeks ago, my boss became involved with a young woman who had a past in human trafficking. She needed a safe place to go and my boss was helping her find somewhere and loving her through the process. Throughout finding her a new home, she and her husband have felt an incredibly strong calling into the human trafficking ministry. They have decided to move on from working in camping and start working with women who have been apart of that horrible world.

They will be moving at some point this fall. They have a two bedroom house... And the camp has decided that we get to move into their house!!

You guys, seriously. So many blessings. My mind has been racing with things we haven't had this year! A fireplace, a washer/dryer in our house, a dishwasher, a place for a Christmas tree, a room for our son!!

I am so amazed by God's faithfulness! We had absolutely no idea this would happen, my boss was planning on staying here a long long time but through her devotion to following the Lord's call on their life, our baby will get all the room in the world to run and play :)

Family photo :) also... My husband got a raise this week. Seriously, we're having a good week!


Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

This is amazing!!!! God is so good!!

~ callee ~ said...

Katie, that's wonderful! Love the picture of you three :-)

Ruthie Hart said...

YAY! I am so happy for you!! I love that you said a place for a christmas are my kinda lady!

Katie said...

YEAH!!! those are two huge praises!! and you are so cute!

Lindsay Ritchie said...

God is good!! I love reading up on you guys. Take care, Mama! (and Zach!)

Kasey Lynne said...

This is AMAZING!!! So excited for you guys...that is AWESOME!

{av} | {long distance loving} said...

What an incredible blessing! The Lord truly has a way of making everything work out the way it should. They will go on to do great work in trafficking and you can continue your mission there with your growing family. So happy for you! xoxo {av}