Monday, December 31, 2012

Bumpdate at 40 Weeks 3 Days

Y'all.. I so didn't want to be blogging today! I want to be IN LABOR! I have been saying since the beginning "I think it would be so fun to have a New Year's Eve birthday!" .. yeah, shouldn't have done that. Having a date in your head is comparable to self torture when said day comes & there is no sign of baby coming. I know each day he is still in the belly is good and all. I know that. It's just a little difficult to be ok with!

I've been sick for two weeks now. I thought it was just a cold and kept waiting for it to get better, but instead I kept getting worse. I finally went to the doctor on Friday and it turns out I have an upper respiratory infection & I needed antibiotics! I feel a million times better already, just trying to get back to 100% though. 

Here's a funny story .. I'm one of those people where nothing is ever simple and things turn out crazy so I figure I'll share for the sake of a good laugh :)  I had to stop in my OBGYN office Friday morning to show my TB test was negative. When I got there, I asked if I could quickly see a doctor because I've had this cough for two weeks and nothing is helping. (I thought that would be easier than trying to sit through urgent care, etc.) The MA told me to take Robitussin, I said "I've been taking that for two weeks...". Then she went in the back for five minutes, came back out and told me to take Benedryl and use cough drops, to which I replied I've been also using those for two weeks. I need something else. Apparently no doctors were in the office yet, so she told me to just go to Labor & Delivery at the hospital and someone there should be able to help me. I said, "the hospital? like where I'm going to deliver?" she said "yep! Since you're due tomorrow just go there and they'll help you." So off I went. Well imagine the look on the receptionist's face when I check into Labor & Delivery for a cough. I think it was all she could do to hold back laughter. Its not my fault that's where the OB office sent me though!! Well, I really should have just gone to urgent care, but I was trying to listen to the medical assistant's advice. Once you check into L&D, they're required to monitor the baby for 30 minutes. So here I am, in a birthing room none-the-less, hooked up to two monitors to hear Bennett's heartbeat, all the while everyone who comes in the room says, "sooo... you're here for a cough??" I just kept repeating "My OB office sent me here!!" Ugh. I was so embarrassed.  Oh well. Got my antibiotics and I'm on the road to recovery. Now when I check in for labor I get to be the girl who was here last week for a cough. Lucky me :)

My mom flew in yesterday morning, she and my sister are up here with me waiting for labor. We got about 2-3 inches of snow over the weekend, which means our roads are a sheet of ice. So we're "snowed in" ;-)

Also, been watching Lie To Me on Netflix, anyone else watch it? I love psychology and this show is so good the way he figures out truth and lies just based on body language and facial expression! Not sure how scientifically accurate it is, but fascinating none-the-less!
Here are some snapshots from the last couple days..
Zach put together the Rock n Play. I ordered it on a whim because everywhere I look I read how awesome they are. I hope he likes it!

My mom made these adorable booties for baby Bennett. I want his feet in them now! She made him a matching hat at Thanksgiving. He's gonna be so cute and snuggly!

This girl. Giving the stare of death. Personally, I think this means she gets the midnight diaper duty. Dontcha think??

How Far Along: 40 weeks, 3 days.
Size of the Baby: He got measured at 38 weeks and was looking about 6lbs 9oz, which is 27th percentile. And I've heard they always guess bigger, so he's gonna be a teeny little guy! I'm ok with that :)
Stretch marks: Yeah, on my stomach and hips. Hard for me to see.
Sleep: Well, I've been sick for two weeks so that's not helping. Otherwise I've been sleeping well.
Best Moment of the Week: Well it was two weeks ago, but seeing him on the ultrasound was so cool. We could see what he looks like! It's amazing there's a full size human baby inside of me. Mindblowing, seriously!
Movement: Lots of movement, lots of hiccups, and it feels like he is trying to climb out the top sometimes. When he does that, I push down really hard on my stomach - trying to tell him, "wrong way baby!"
Gender: boy!
Belly Button in or out: It's still just flat! Looks like it won't be a popper.
General Thoughts:  Trying to be patient. I know he's healthy and getting everything he needs right now. It's hard to wait though :) I'm antsy to meet him, and also to not be pregnant anymore! I'm covered in hives all over my stomach and arms, which I'm told will go away shortly after delivery, so the itching isn't helping my patience level. I know I need to appreciate these last few days of freedom. But honestly, I've been growing this baby for 10 months and I'm ready to hold him and care for him.
Labor Signs: None. NONE! Grrrrr
Wedding ring on or off: off :( 
What I miss: I so miss wearing my wedding rings. Not wearing them for three months has made me fall in love with them again though! I'm looking forward to wearing them again. 
What I am looking forward to: Wine! Holding Bennett in my arms, baby snuggles, seeing Zach become a dad and watching my dad meet Bennett for the first time. I can't wait to see both of their faces.
Nursery: Adorable. Quickly becoming my favorite room in the house. I'm so excited about how cute it turned out! And after receiving the Silhouette Cameo for Christmas, I can't wait to add more details!!
Emotions: Cray cray. That's all!

get this baby outta me!!!!!!!!


Meg {henninglove} said...

i definitely think if the cat wants to get involved in bennett's thing then diaper duty is definitely in order!!

Mo said...

Praying for you and Bennett to have a safe delivery whenever that may be!! I am so excited and happy for you. I know it will be great. Best of luck!

Karrie said...

Awww!!! You have every right to feel the way you do! The "waiting" at the end is pure torture! I was overdue with my little guy, everyone and their mother was just as eager as I was to meet him! The good news is, they don't stay in forever!! He WILL come and most likely sooner rather than later! Hang in there!!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

Do you just sit in the nursery and daydream??? I do!! He'll be here soon. He probably just needs to pack on a little more fat to stay warm in this cold winter weather we are all having!! My girl is hiccuping like crazy too. Drink that soy and keep your feet cold!! xox

Natalie Rush said...

Good Luck!! Your almost there!