Monday, September 26, 2011

Here we go..

Why a Sun Room? Why a blog at all? Well, I've been contemplating starting a blog for a few months now. I even tried duo-blogging with my good friend, Elise (which didn't work out as well as planned). I feel like living your life doing the same things every week, morning after morning, can get boring. I get stuck in ruts and fail to notice all the things around me that are new and exciting and positive. I hope that this blog proves to be not only a creative outlet for me as I have always loved writing, but also a tool to help me notice more of life's little unexpected surprises, and everyday joys. We'll see how I do!

On to the Sun Room thing.. I've always had an affinity towards all things southern; including but not limited to, my sweet husband, cowboy boots, tall wheat grass (is that even Southern? to me it is), sweet tea, Southern accents, and big hair. Oh, and Sun Rooms. I love the idea of having a room in your house devoted to sunshine, wicker couches, good books, and live plants. Yes, I realize that not all sun rooms have wicker couches but in my imagination they all do! So since I live in the Pacific Northwest where sunshine comes just enough to keep our Vitamin D existent, but not enough to devote a room in your house to it, this is my virtual sun room! My little nook of the internet to call my own, to fill with sunshine and butterflies and all the wicker couches I can imagine.

So here we go... I hope you enjoy. Even if you don't, I plan to use this as an outlet, and hopefully a resource to help me appreciate all the little wonders life throws my way. I hope to share some of my favorite things, some crafty projects or ideas, and who knows what else.

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