Thursday, October 20, 2011

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

So I've been wanting to do a post about a few of my favorite things but I didn't know how to incorporate it into my blog. I decided to just go for it. I have been trying to find a 'focus' for this little guy but I think I'm just going to keep posting about whatever I feel like and see what happens. (cue: I'm doin' me)

Anyhoodles. My most very favorite product in the whole wide world I stumbled upon by chance. I have extremely sensitive skin and because of this, I hate shaving my legs! One day while wasting time in Bath & Body works, where I can only use certain products because of all the perfume, I bought this shave creme on a whim.
It has literally changed my life. As you can see, it's a little pricey but even right now its buy 2, get one free. Whenever this stuff goes on sale, or if I get coupons I STOCK UP. Sometimes I hoard up to 5 bottles! It doesn't give me any razor burn and also with the shea butter makes my legs all silky soft. Love that.

Next up we have eye primer. If you apply eyeshadow without primer, you should stop. Primer not only makes your shadow last way longer without the creases, but also makes it go on so much bolder so you end up using less! Score! I used to use Trish McEvoy primer that cost $26 a tube. SO not in my budget! When I was close to running out, I was planning on saving up for another tube (how ridiculous is that!?) and snagged one while at Target to tide me over.

I had heard of E.L.F. brand before but knew I wouldn't be satisfied with something that cost only 99 cents. Yes, you read that right! It costs 99 cents!! And it's changed my life a little bit. Sorry Trish, this stuff works the same, if not better, as your imposingly expensive alternative.

I'll leave you with this. Dry shampoo. This stuff really has changed my life. I hate washing my hair everyday. It takes so much time to style and then it gets all dry and split endy from not absorbing the natural oils. I could go on and on.. but I would never recommend washing every day. However, your hair should never look nast. No one wants to see that! For this I give you the Dirty Secret.
A little shakey shakey and a spritzy spritzy on the roots, you're as good as new!

Well there ya have it, my three current favorite things. Well atleast the things in my bathroom ;-) Lookout for more posts of this kind - I'm picky about what I use so I love to share what I find & love!


Lauren said...

1) Love True Blue spa stuff - it's the best!! I really can't use a lot of the other B&B stuff because my skin doesn't like it, but the True Blue stuff I can and it's great!

2) I had heard a lot about ELF stuff but never really tried it until Lindsey (The Bargain Blonde) sent me some. I am in love with EVERYthing she sent me and use it daily now.

3) I've always wondered about dry shampoo but never tried it! There are some days I do NOT want to get up and wash my hair and do that whole routine but my hair gets so greasy and nasty that I look homeless if I don't. This would be totally worth me looking into :)

Jess, Bret and Harper said...

I want some of that dry shampoo stuff!!! Also, I'm very impressed with you getting the 99 cent elf primer... way to go girl on a budget!!

Katie H said...

Thanks Jess!! Now hurry up & come home, bring some warmth with you! <3

Colie's Kitchen said...

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