Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Recap: Its FALL!

This weekend was a great one. Although I'm still a little bit mourning our summer four weeks of warm weather, it's FALL! I love fall. It's pretty much my favorite season. I love everything about it; boots, scarves, fires, soup for meals, new project ideas, the upcoming holidays, and the cliche cuddling on the couch with a blanket and husband. Yep. Took full advantage of all. these. things. this past weekend. Loving it!

A few of us chaperoned the Homecoming dance on Saturday night, and we noticed a few things.. since when do you not dance at said dances? I know I'm not that far out of high school, but apparently things have changed. Also, gotta say it: Girls, there is something to be said about modesty. Gotta leave some things to the imagination, can I get an amen? Had to say it.

I broke out my favorite candle of ALL TIME last night, mmmmm Fresh Balsam.

I stock up every January when these go half off. I'm glad I did last year, because I just noticed they aren't selling the 3-wick size this year. Sad Day. I actually don't know what I'll do about this.

I also started a very fall-ish project this weekend. Can't wait to share :) Stay tuned!

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