Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Flipping Baby

.. literally though.

Yesterday afternoon I had a doctor's appointment and I had no idea what to expect. I thought I was getting a TB test and a pelvic exam, and when I arrived, the nurse told me I was getting an ultrasound! Zach and I were so excited to see the little peanut again. Five weeks ago we got to see it, and it looked like a tadpole.

This time, I got to have the tummy ultrasound (mama's -- you know what the other one is I'm referring to lol) so I was happy about that. When she found the babe, I could see its face! Like a real baby!! Then she rolled around to see the legs, and when she tried to pause on them, the baby started moving. I think I said outloud "Oh my Gosh! It's alive!!!!" like I've said before, I know I'm pregnant but sometimes it's hard to actually believe there's a real baby in there!

Anyways, as she held the little monitor on my belly, we saw the baby move from laying on its back, to curling up on its tummy like a frog, then wiggling around to show its face & then its back/spine.

I love my little swimming baby! I think we're gonna have a gymnast with all the flips it was doing! I can't wait to hold that little squirmer in my arms in just a few months :)


Meg {henninglove} said...

i was just gonna say that you will have a gymnast in the house, a very active child!! So excited to see you soon and check out your little bun in the oven

Ruthie Hart said...

I bet that was the coolest thing EVER! cant wait for the time in my life :-)

Molly Jac said...

How exciting for you!!!

I can only imagine how weird it must feel to have a HUMAN inside of you.

Oh I cannot wait for that day :)

Hollie Ann said...

omgosh it's alive.

katie you're adorable.

i vote boy! ;)