Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Magic Behind the Camera: Holson Photography

Ever wondered where my incredible 'blogger profile pic' came from?

Please, allow me to introduce you to the darling Heather of Holson Photography.

She just happens to be hilarious, beautiful, and most of all super talented! I wish we could've done our engagements in Seattle so that we could have used her for those too. It was super important to Zach to do them in Marietta (his hometown) so I respectfully obliged like a good wifey.

We didn't want to see each other before our ceremony because we're all traditional in some ways, which btw I am SO glad we didn't! It made walking down the aisle so so so special. We decided that since we wouldn't have unlimited time between ceremony & party for pictures, we'd ask Heather to do a "trash the dress" a few weeks after the wedding. I had never heard that term before asking her and when she said it I about fainted. She quickly reassured me I didn't have to actually trash my dress. [here's us]

Anyways, where was I.. Oh yeah, Heather! Check her out if you're in the Seattle area because she is seriously amazeballs!! [whenever anyone says that word, I always think of her cus I heard it from her first. True testament to her awesomeness]

One day I'll share our day-of wedding photos, because those are pretty stellar too :)

Thanks again, Heather!

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Erin said...

Love your photos! :) You looked so beautiful!! :)