Thursday, April 19, 2012

Baby Will

This post is about a month late, but better late than never =)

William Howell Haunson
Our sweet nephew was born on March 15, 2012.
Congratulations Melissa and Trey, he is beautiful! We can't wait to meet him in October!

When big brother Logan met Will he said, "I like it!"

"I look just like my daddy"

And here are the cute onesies I made for the babe!

Maybe someday we'll live close to our nephews. It's weird that I've only been a part of the Harris fam for a little while, I miss them like I miss my own family.

Dear Logan and Will,
We might only get to see you a few times a year, but we love you just as much as if we lived on the East Coast too. We pray for you everyday and we love getting to see sweet pictures of you. It's especially fun to talk to you on Skype! We are proud to be your Uncle & Aunt. You are going to grow up to be pretty amazing young men, since you have such a great example in your daddy and such a great encourager in your mommy. We will be blessed to watch you each grow up and become little boys. Be sweet to your momma, and give your dad extra hugs when he gets home from work at night. Oh, and when you get to visit your auntie and uncle, give us extra snuggles since they have to last a long time, ok?

We love you guys so much! Love, Uncle Zach and Aunt Katie


Ruthie Hart said...

look at those onesies!!! I want to make one! and how cute that Logan said I like it..melts my heart!

AllyceR said...

Aww, so sweet. Love that letter...I have yet to be an auntie but am excited to be one someday!

~ callee ~ said...

What a cutie - love that dimple!

Allison said...

Aw he's adorable. Congrats Auntie Katie. :)

Mels said...

Tears streaming - I love you.
My boys are so lucky to have such a wonderful aunt!

Hollie Ann said...

omg will said "i like it!"

that is soooooooo freaking cute!! hahaha i love kids. when are you two having a baby? ;)

Chalk in the Rain said...

seriously! How precious is HE!?! love that 1st picture :)