Monday, April 23, 2012

Sometimes I Forget to Have Faith.. But HE is Always Faithful

Time to tell a little story I've been wanting to write out for awhile. I couldn't share until it was official but now that it is, I am so glad to share yet another way that God is so incredibly faithful to His children! aka YOU & me :)

OK so this story requires me to back up a bit, I'm gonna try to keep it concise though. In 2007, I dropped out of college to pursue my dream of being a hairdresser. I soared through beauty school, on cloud 9 the whole time, except for my lower back pain. I would lay awake at night with muscle spasms, but I assumed it was normal from standing on my feet all day.

Fast forward two years from graduation [now early 2010], I've been doing hair full time and the busier my schedule gets, the more my back hurts. The pain had spread to my shoulders & neck, and after a full day, I would barely be able to get home, lay on the couch, and beg someone to bring me ice. It felt like a catch 22 because I wanted to build my clientele, and have a full schedule, but all it did was cause me tons of pain. Finally, my lovely friend Devon [start your blog!!!!!!!!] finally says to me, "Katie..that is NOT normal pain. You need to figure something out". I ended up spending thousands of dollars on physical therapy and chiropractic care and it did nothing.

In January of 2011, I got rear ended on the freeway. I was stopped, they were going between 45-55 mph and hit me dead on. Whiplash ensued, headaches, etc. I started with PT and chiropractic, and after a few months of no improvement, my chiropractor referred me to acupuncture. I was terrified, but it ended up helping so much. I was basically cured in about 8 weeks of care. [someday I'll write about how much I loooooove acupuncture!]

In October of 2011, Zach was offered his almost dream job of working maintenance at a Christian camp [it would be his total dream job if we were at a YL camp - but we are very happy here]. Along with his offer came an offer for me to work in "accommodations", which I learned was the housekeeping department. My immediate reaction was, I don't want that job. Not only is it less than glamorous work, but I was concerned about my neck/back pain returning. I knew how much Zach wanted this job at camp and I felt like I just needed to deal with the implications of my new job in housekeeping. I chose not to say anything about my history of neck and back pain when we accepted the jobs, just because I didn't want to seem high maintenance.

A week into the job here, I knew I was going to struggle. My neck immediately started bothering me & I still felt like I couldnt say anything since I was the one who chose to accept this job. I kept thinking I should pray about this, but for some reason I didn't. Don't ask why.. I decided I would go to my immediate boss and then the executive director to ask about switching departments if the oppurtunity arose.

In early January, I was at home laying on a heating pad to relax my neck muscles when I got a call over the radio for me to come down to the director's office. I wasn't worried even though it felt a little like being called to the principle's office in school, lol.

I walked down to camp and was offered a full time position working in the camp office, as an assistant to the Guest Relations Coordinator, aka my dream job! I now get to help coordinate all the groups planning their retreats up here, help with their needs the weekends they are here, and have personal interaction over the phone when anyone calls. I love my job.

After being offered the job, all I could think of was just how faithful our God is! I always put my trust in Him, but in this case I definitely wasn't relying on Him to solve the issue. I was taking matters into my own hands by deciding to talk to my two bosses about moving jobs. I just love how God swooped in and took care of everything before I even could, as if saying,

"Katie, my precious daughter, I know your needs and I will always provide for them."



Katie said...

thanks for sharing this story. it is amazing how God works this out even when the plan seems so different from what we imagined. i love the last line you wrote and read it multiple times and conveniently even works directly to me since we share a name. : )

Ruthie Hart said...

Katie I love seeing how you embraced the Lord's plans for you and trusted in what He was doing!

Meg {henninglove} said...

katie this is amazing! what a story of faithfulness and following Him and i especially like His will of the two of you moving to CA so we could meet ;-)

Kasey Lynne said...

Yay girl! That's so awesome!!! I'm so happy for you friend :) God definitely IS faithful..and I love that verse!

now can we talk on gchat more???

Allison said...

Aw this is a wonderful story! It makes me think of David...he had a small beginning as a shepherd, but then became the king (dream job!) Happy for you!

Molly Jac said...

Wow how awesome Katie! I'm so happy that you love your job :) You DESERVE it!!

Lisa @ MMT said...

That is awesome Katie! I loved reading this story. You are so right about God being good to us and always knowing our needs. We must always give him thanks :)

Heidi said...

It seems that God is using bloggers to remind me He will also take care of my needs. My husband and I move every 3 months due to his optometry school rotations... we are about to leave one in Phoenix and head to Denver. While I am so excited about our next one, it isn't easy and I worry.

SO thank you for sharing your heart!

Hollie Ann said...

wow that is so exciting! i'm so happy it worked out for you!! that is amazing! any word on your back though? i'm worried about you!