Monday, April 2, 2012

The Start of My Three Day Weekend

First things first, how amazing is my blog design?! Thanks to Nicole at Poppy Pixel Designs, it looks absolutely amazing. I'm in love with it.

So I get to have Sunday through Tuesday off (yesterday, today, tomorrow) and I am stoked about it. We would have gone somewhere to take advantage of the 3 days of glory, but we didn't know about it til last week sometime (we didn't get our April schedule til this week). Anyways, we had a pretty fun Sunday!

We missed church - when you live an hour away from anything, there are a lot of opportunities to get stuck behind slow drivers. So we walked around Old Town Temecula - which was adorable.

Lots of cute gift shops, antique shops, and cafes. All the buildings look old fashioned with that wood you can see in the picture above. We will definitely be going back to explore a little more :)

Then we met up with Meg [henning love] and her husband, Sean! We went wine tasting together and had a blast. Meg and I got to meet in February but have wanted to get together again ever since. I'm sure glad we brought along the boys, we kept having to interrupt them if we wanted to talk. Zach and I loved getting to hang out with them & can't wait for the next time :) Meg took most of the pictures so check out her blog until I have time to steal them from her!

By far best quote of the day was from Sean, "So Zach.. how much of your life is taken over by blogging?"

I loved that wisteria ... mmmm!

After winetasting, we were deciding if we should eat in town or trek back up the mountain when I realized Zach has never been to BJ's. When I lived in Thousand Oaks, I was at BJ's pretty regularly. It's just so good. Zach has heard me talk about it more than once, so we decided to go out :) Why is their pizza SO GOOD?! And their homemade root beer / cream soda / orange cream soda ?? To die! 

No BJ's trip is complete without a Pizookie!! YUM!

We also bought paint and flowers at Lowe's... I know how the rest of my weekend is looking! So excited :) Hope y'all had a great weekend too!

Did anyone play any April Fools jokes? ? I thought about telling my family I was pregnant, but I was afraid they wouldn't think it was very funny, lol.


Kara said...

So sweet! I love that you got to meet up with Meg. Her blog is one of my favorites! I love Wiseteria too! We saw it all over Arkansas when we went to visit last week!

Katie said...

sounds like a great time!! very cute pics too! enjoy your day off today!!

Ruthie Hart said...

I love love your new blog design Katie! And how fun to have a blog date with the husbies too! Meg is a doll :-)

Lauren said...

We love BJ's!! The root beer is awesome and when I'm in the mood for a brew I love their berry beer (I forget the actual name of it). I had no idea they had BJ restaurants in CA :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

haha i totally forgot he said that until you mentioned it again here. and what zach didn't experience the wonderfulness of pizzokie until yesterday so glad you introduced the two of them together.

Kasey Lynne said...

Ummmm let's have our first date be at BJ's :) I LOVE that place!!!

You and Meg are SO cute! Glad you guys had fun together.