Thursday, July 5, 2012

The 4th of July Without Fireworks

...what's up with that, anyways!

Yesterday we worked all day and we considered going to Temecula for fireworks (and groceries, lets be honest) but I thought by the time we get down there it would be 8pm and probably no parking close by the park, so instead we stayed home :) I'm really good at making excuses to stay home, especially now that we live an hour from everything.

First I had to construct a red, white, and blue outfit. I don't wear much blue, and I don't own ANYTHING red so I made a makeshift bow out of my craft drawer! I actually ended up liking it though.

At work we had a parade, each department made their own "float" and we drove around the loop once. I thought it was going to be really dumb, but it ended up being a blast!!

Us office girls led the parade, we were all "Miss Palomar" and sat on the back of a BMW convertible. It was hilarious.

I have to say my favorite was the maintenance crew though, they all brought out a tractor thing or riding lawn mower and rode them around the loop. Zach led the crew in the skid steer and would do twirlies going backwards sometimes. He cracks me up :) I so wish I had a picture of them but I was too busy waving to all my fans (haha!) Edit: I found one on Facebook ... look how manly my hubby is :)

Anyways, we ended up on the couch last night eating nachos for dinner and watching 50/50. Have y'all seen that movie?? I cried through the whole thing but I really liked how it ended. Of course my favorite part was the love story intertwined through it and it made me all snuggly for Zach afterwards. I know, I'm pathetic.

Overall it was a fun day! Next year though, we have to find fireworks. It will be baby Harris' first 4th! I'm thinking we'll have to do a beach day like Jamie, she is a wise one with that idea!

But, did you hear what happened at the San Diego fireworks show?? Oops, better luck next year.


Ruthie Hart said...

so it takes an hour to get to the grocery store!??!?

Jamie said...

I'm so bummed that you didn't see any fireworks, but it looks like you guys made the most out of your day and had a blast! I love all of you Miss Palomar gals!! So cute :)

Jamie said...

Totally forgot to add that we watched 50/50 two weeks ago and I loved it. Daniel wasn't that too into it in the beginning but by the end we both agreed it was an amazing movie, and the love story gets me every time!

Jess said...

My husband and I just moved to San Diego back in November and we have a great view of Seaworld which means fireworks every's honestly taken some of the magic out of it? We kept it low key too, we missed the big fireworks snafu at the bay but we could definitely hear it when it happened!