Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How We Found Out I'm Pregnant

I realized that after announcing my pregnancy, I never told all the fun stories of how we found out, how we shared with our family, etc. Must be the "pregnancy brain" kicking in already :)

The day I found out I was gonna be a momma was April 23,2012. I can't even describe the emotions I felt when I saw that one word, Pregnant.

I'll back up. We weren't trying, but we weren't preventing. We both wanted (want) a baby really badly, and we didn't know how to decide the "right time" on our own. So, we decided to just pray about it & trust in God's timing. We knew that this is something too big to try to decide on our own and also knew that His timing is perfect.

Mid-April, I figured out that there was a small chance of me being pregnant. The Saturday night we went to dinner with my aunt & uncle in Coronado, she asked me when we were going to get pregnant, and I replied, "I could be pregnant right now!" and proceeded to finish my margarita. That was Day 1 of my missed period. My next day off was Thursday (keep in mind we live an hour from any type of store), and I decided if I still hadn't started by then, I would buy a test. Well come Monday afternoon (day 3 of missed period) I couldn't take it, I just wanted to know, because obviously by then my hopes were WAY up!

Zach had to work late, so when I got off work I called my friend Sarah and said, "Want to go down the mountain with me to buy a pregnancy test??" she squealed and of course jumped in the car. We drove the hour to Walgreens, calculating how many days it could be, talking about the possibility of it not being real and me having to be okay with that, me convincing her that I'm definitely not pregnant, etc, etc.

We finally arrived and I decided to buy the cheapest test which was the Walgreens store brand. I pondered going home to take it with Zach there, but I knew I wouldnt be able to wait another hour to get home. So, I asked the cashier to let me into the store bathroom, peed on the stick, and waited. First the control line appeared nice and strong horizontally. Then the faintest of faint vertical lines was possibly forming. It was so faint that I was convinced my eyes were playing tricks on me. Sarah couldn't decide if it was there either, and when I took a picture with my phone, there was nothing. So I declared I wasn't pregnant, and we went to my car. Sarah's phone rang, it was her sister, and she talked to her for about 15 minutes while I just stared at that damn stick.

See??? It's not there!!

Once she hung up the phone, I decided to go back in & buy the Clearblue test, that picks up a much lower amount of HcG and also clearly states Pregnant or Not Pregnant. Here's where it gets funny. The cashier was like maybe 17 years old. There is a very clear sign on the bathroom door that states it closes at 9 pm. I was checking out at 9:15pm. So naturally, I asked the awkward teenage boy if they ever made exceptions to the bathroom closing, and pointed at my pregnancy test. He turned 19 shades of red, and called  a "code 90" on the radio. I almost died laughing!

Long story short, I peed on the new test, waited the longest three minutes of my life, and finally saw that life changing word! First I shrieked, then I giggled the most nervous giggle I've ever heard, and then I rubbed my belly. I told Sarah I couldn't believe that MY body just produced a positive pregnancy test! It was the most surreal feeling in the world. I still feel like a kid! How could I be pregnant!

There it is :)

I then looked at my phone to find a text from Zach, "can you please wait to take the test with me?" ... oops. It's ok, he was still just as excited to get my phone call!

Sarah and I got in my car and drove home, the entire time she was on my iPhone downloading preggo apps and calculating my due date.

I didn't even know how to feel! I obviously was excited, but it really didn't feel real since I didn't feel any different at all.

That is one Monday night I will never, ever forget.

ps. you better believe the next morning I woke up and took two more tests, just to be sure... they both came out positive :)


Ruthie Hart said...

This is adorable! I am smiling reading this. I don't know if I could have waited either!! Jon and I are thinking of starting to "not prevent" in the next couple of months (I am still on BC) and I recently asked him if he wanted to be there when I took a test or surprise him. He said he wanted to be there so I can stop trying to think up elaborate ways to tell him haha...its kind of like a proposal!

Hollie Ann said...


"i could be pregant right now!!!" downs margarita....

one or two won't kill that lil boy ;)

Ash said...

this is too cute!!! i am so happy for you guys...

and still laughing from the margarita downing.. (;

Kasey Lynne said...

SO happy that you shared this story!

I'm so excited for you and Zach. You're going to be a great Mom. Eeekkk!!!

blogging vanities said...

This was so cute! Thanks for sharing such a sweet story:)

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

oh how exciting!! congrats to you guys! I am dying about the cashier turning red and calling a "code" for you. soooo funny!