Monday, November 14, 2011

I Made Stuff

Both of these projects are long overdue. I started them in September aka pre move; and didn't make sense to bring out all my packed craft stuff until we got here. So, I know I'm a little late for all the fall decor, but here is what I made this weekend!

Felt Rosette Magnets
These are SO easy to make. I would probably do a terrible job of explaining, so instead I'll let Mrs. Priss do the talking. All I did was glue them onto magnets I purchased at Michaels and now my fridge is adorable! I used a little bigger squares than she did, so my flowers are ginormous. Note to self: less is more.

Fall Yarn Wreath
This I also started in Seattle where our walls were tan. If I could do it over, I'd pick tan yarn this time so it stands out more. (I envisioned the contrast between the cream yarn and tan walls..) My dad actually helped me wrap this wreath, since it takes about 3 hours to do. He couldn't bear to watch me slowly wrap one more time around, so he took the yarn, I held the wreath, and he completed it lickety-split. How very manly, Dad. Anywho, I just wrapped the wreath in yarn, glued some sparkly  leaves and berries (I'm infatuated with glitter), and some felt rosettes, and voila! It's fall time in here :)

Yes, I am still getting giddy over the sun shining. I love California :)

 I'd love to see pictures if you decide to try some rosettes or a yarn wreath!


ashley said...

Just stumbled onto your blog! :) Love the wreath!!

Anna Elder said...

california…jealous! i bought a stick wreath and jute to wrap around it…but, i haven't started yet. and i don't know what embellishments to put on it either. totaly stumped. i love these little rosettes though! cute and simple. lovely blog!

Laina said...

o i love all of your projects, i want to make some of those magnets for the file cabinet in my craft room! i'll send you a pic when i'm done :)

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

all of these are just so fabulous! now if only i was crafty, i could actually decorate my place! ha
xo TJ

Taylor said...

California!!!! Did you move from Seattle? I just moved from the Emerald City..but not that far away..Spokavegas is as far I will go! I love your DIY and definitely going to check out those websites you left on my blog! :) thank you!!

Elise said...

They look so good katie! I just made a wreath and those little things yesterday for my mom! I'll have to show you the wreath. yay for sunlight:)