Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our Thanksgiving Weekend!

We drove to Arizona to visit my grandparents for Thanksgiving this year. During the winters, they live in an "RV and Golf Resort" with around 800 other people their age. I miss them a lot but they have lots of amazing friends down there! Now that we are in California, it was only a three and a half hour drive to see them! We are already planning on going back again. I didn't get the traditional Turkey pic, sowwie. But, here are a few photos documenting our weekend.

I had to snap this picture of my grandpa's trophy for the week. All the men golf together and each week the worst player takes this home! Haha!

Since I miss my pup so much, I was happy to be around Alex (or Big Al as I like to call him). He is the sweetest old dog, and we played a lot of fetch together!

Generally we make turkey sandwiches the day after Thanksgiving. I like mine on sourdough bread with nothing but dark meat and lots of cranberry sauce. MMM. This year we decided to make turkey soup, and I asked for dumplings. I just love soup with dumplings. My grandma made the whole thing up without a recipe and it was soooo yummy!

Mexican Train. I WON!!

 Here are Mana and Papa with the kitties. Mana has Norman and Papa has Hadley. We were nervous to bring them, but they in the car and while we were staying there! They're traveling kitties!

They're in love. [It's okay, they're not siblings.]

Lastly, I had a really great hair day today. I had to document. [Don't mind the fact its in a messy bun now. Story of my life.]

Things I didn't photo document: my grandparents' hilarious friend Bob [one of those old men that if they were younger would be creepy but since he's old he is super funny]; going to Mexico for the morning; my grandparents devil kitty growling at Hadley and Norman; the beautiful drive through the California/Arizona desert [Zach has never seen desert before - he said he felt like he was in a Western movie!]

Well that was my long weekend, I hope yours was just as wonderful! I'd love to hear about it.


AllyceR said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Glad you got to spend it with family. Ours was relaxing as well--soaking up our last quiet moments before our lil' Christmas present arrices

Morgan said...

You hair IS amazing! Mine always ends up in a bun by the end of the day when I take 3 hours to do it in the morning. It's just the way these things go. :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

wow beautiful hair! id say that is a great hair day indeed!