Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Need Your Opinion!

Happy Sunday to you all, I hope you had a fabulous weekend! I spent mine with my little sister who turned 21 yesterday. Happy birthday, Cara!

Today I was working on my Christmas list, because a few family members have asked about it. I've wanted some black boots for awhile now; I used to have one slouchy pair and one pair with buckles, and I walked holes through both of them. I think I've practically earned a new pair!

Anyways, here's where you come in. I found these three on and I like all three styles. I might look around at other stores but these are the general styles I am debating about. What do you think?

a is basically a combination of the pairs I used to have, slouchy and a buckle. I feel like I could wear these with jeans and a hoodie, or with a dress and leggings.

b is kind of a fantasy. I've always wanted cowboy boots and have never had them. I know these aren't real cowboy boots, but they are super dee duper cute.

c I have these in cognac and love them; I think they are classy. I love that I can wear them with everyyyything. The only downside is that they are tall - like almost to my knee.

So, what's your vote?! Help me decide! As you can see, I've already evaluated all of them and I still can't decide.

Thanks for your help! :)


Jess, Bret and Harper said...

i like b

Elise said...

Who says you can't get all 3!!! :)

Devon Lukacs said...


Lauren said...

Either B or C... The only reason I wouldn't go w/ A is that it looks like it's suede and I feel like they wear out SO super fast!!

AllyceR said...

I really like the B option. I think they are very versatile, a good height in the heel and up the leg and it would be fun to have a different style than you have/had!

I also LOVE the new blog design. I love that the colors in the picture go perfectly for your background!

Laina said...

C! love them they can be dressed up or down. SO CUTE!

Ashlyn said...

i really like C!
super cute!! & i love the little heel!

& could def wear it with a dress or leggings!

xoxo. ashlyn