Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Christmas Wishlist '11

Welp I've been compiling a list of things I want for Christmas this year in my iPhone and decided it's time to put it all down on "paper". Since I just started blogging I thought, "why not make a post about it!?" just because I can. I love blogging!

So here it is, the wishlist for this year.

Dear Santa,
a. Unconditional Love perfume.. I can smell it when I think of it and it's my favorite Philosophy scent!
b. Black Boots from Target.. I decided on the cowboy style, thanks to those who helped me choose
c. Eddie Bauer Aah-Some Fleece.. I'm in love. I lost my North Face fleece 2 years ago and I love this to replace it!
d. Winter White Infinity Scarf .. loving it!

e. Hummingbird Feeder .. for outside our kitchen window. I sound so olddd!
f. Black Puffy Vest ... !!!!!!!!
g. Dance Central .. for our Kinect, so I can burn some much needed calories
h. Pretty Off White Blouse .. I love the flowy style that's in right now

 i. Rust Colored Cardigan .. not to brag, but I look great in this color!
j. Cozy Slippers.. my feet get so freezing up here

Well, I could always come up with more. Not that I need any of this! Stay tuned for my Christmas decor; I'll post it this week.

Through the midst of choosing gifts for my family (some homemade, can't wait to share) and choosing gifts I would like to receive, I try to keep focused on the fact that this month and holiday are a celebration for our Savior. Without His birth, we would all be a big hot mess. I am thankful for His daily grace and forgiveness in my life.

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Elise said...

Love the hummingbird feeder! That's the prettiest one I've seen!