Wednesday, November 28, 2012

35 1/2 Week Update

This week has been so awesome.. I can't wait to share all about Thanksgiving and getting ready for baby B to arrive :) In the meantime.. here's a belly survey!

big ole belly in my lap!
and a silly self picture at my desk.. with my face actually looking less puffy than usual! woohoo!

How Far Along: 35 weeks, 6 days
Size of the Baby: According to my iPhone: 5.25 lbs and 18 inches long or the size of a honeydew melon
Stretch marks: yes :( it's deceiving that you dont get them til the end, because I really didn't think I would have any. I currently hate them and they kill my self esteem.. I won't even let Zach see them.
Sleep: I actually am sleeping pretty well. Seems like the 2nd trimester was my bad one for sleep and the 3rd has been wonderful. I also attest that to our new mattress pad though, have I mentioned how much I loooooooove it!
Best Moment of the Week: Having my mama and dad here working on Bennett's room! And my grandpa got to feel him moving, that was really special to me.
Movement: all.the.time. he honestly only stops moving for a little while, then I take one bite of food and he is wide awake again. I can't believe how much he is affected by my intake of food!
Gender: A little man!
Belly Button in or out: It's just flat. Like really really flat.
General Thoughts:  I'm so anxious to have everything ready. With moving last month I am still trying to get our house settled, let alone the nursery. When I'm at work, all I can think about is how much I have to do at home. When I'm at home, all I can think about is how tired & sore I am. Not a good cycle :) I did get a bunch of projects done with my mom last week - I am so thankful for her help. I just have a couple to finish up & then we need to seriously get the nursery ready for this babe. I'm so so antsy to meet him - I want to know what he looks like - if he'll be chunky or lanky; blonde or brunette or redhead; if I'll recognize his wiggles from being in my belly. I did let myself rest the entire weekend Zach was gone (he unexpectedly went home to Georgia to be with his sick grandmother), I thought about working hard but realized this is the last time I'll have the option of laying on the couch literally all day (which, for the record, I've never done before!) and it felt amazing.
Labor Signs: None so far!
Wedding ring on or off: Off :( I've really been missing it lately. Will make it that much more exciting to wear when I can though!
What I miss: Not feeling so awful all the time. I really didn't understand what a toll pregnancy takes on your body, at all. I have so much more respect for all mamas now! I am not one to deal with pain easily, but there are so many aches and creaks and pinches and crap that is going on, it's ridiculous.
What I am looking forward to: So much! Meeting him, and holding him in my arms; seeing Zach with him; wearing my rings again; being able to comfortably tie my shoes and sit up in bed; feeling settled in our home...
Nursery: Getting so dang close. Just not quite ready though! It's looking so cute though :) 
Emotions: Oh all over the place. I have become extremely irritable and less likely to hold my tongue.. and I've been meeting so many new people lately it's horrible. I can't wait til they get to meet the non-pregnant Katie! I've also had a pretty great self image until these last couple of weeks, the puffy face combined with the stretch marks are totally bringing me down. I know both of those things are totally normal, but still doesn't make it any easier to see on yourself. A few tears have been shed, I'll confidently admit. I know the roller coaster will continue when Bennett is born, but for now I will just keep my chin up for 4ish more weeks until he is in my arms.


Anonymous said...
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Hollie Ann said...

Oh Katie. Zach loves you stretch marks or not. Just imagine what he's gonna see when Bennett comes ;) your stretch marks are a sign of you being a mama! Nothing else :)
I can only imagine how uncomfortable being pregnant is when you only have a few weeks left. I feel for you! You will get it all done & still have time to rest so don't worry!

Ruthie Hart said...

Oh Katie I cannot wait until Bennett comes!! Do you think he will come before Christmas!?