Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Zach Post

Pregnancy has changed a lot of things for me. Mentally, physically, emotionally... but it has also changed my perspective on things.

I take a lot for granted. Something/one huge I noticed this week is my husband. It dawned on me just how incredibly blessed I am to have him. Ever since we started dating, I have always noticed little things that make him "perfect" for me. Now that we've been together almost four years (wow, time flies), those little things are still true, and multiplying.

All too often lately I have trouble sleeping through the night, but more than not I find myself just so overwhelmed with love for Zach. It makes me feel like a big sap, but there have been moments lately where in the middle of the night I just squeeze him as hard as I can and thank the Lord for allowing us to be together.

I have days where I am soo grouchy and short with him, yet he still smiles at me and tells me how much he loves me.

Something we have always said to one another is "you picked me!" It started after we got engaged, and he or I would drive the other one nuts. One time I was being such a brat and Zach just looked at me and said, "You are driving me absolutely crazy today, but I sure do love you." all I responded with is, "you picked me!".

Nowadays, we say both of those phrases a lot to eachother, and that's ok. Because I did pick him, and he did pick me. And sometimes, when I'm being extra difficult, I will stop myself and just say "Thank you for picking me" because he didn't have to. He didn't have to put up with my crazy emotional self and choose to marry me, but he did.

I love how hard Zach works. I get frustrated when I don't feel like I get enough time with him, but bigger than my frustration is my gratitude that Zach gets to work in a job he is passionate about. He absolutely loves his job & loves working at a camp. What a huge blessing that is for us! Because even after a long day at work, he comes home rejuvinated from doing something he loves. He isn't worn out & cranky from stretching himself to do a job he doesn't enjoy, and he still has the energy to put towards our marriage even on long days.

Zach loves helping around the house, and especially since I've been pregnant. He finds joy in doing dishes and taking out trash and cleaning the cat box; not because he necessarily enjoys it, but because he knows how much it means to me. There are days where I spend the majority of my time on the couch and end up feeling like a big slob who is a horrible wife, and instead of making me feel guilty, Zach will rub my back and ask what he can do to help.

Most of all, Zach thinks I am beautiful. He loves when I take time to curl my hair, and always notices when I do my make up differently or try a new nail polish color -- but -- on days where I'm overdue for a shower, have a huge zit on my face, and have swollen, puffy hands and feet, he takes the time to slow down and say, "Katie, you are beautiful." It means the world to me, especially this late in my pregnancy when I feel like a blob. He holds me when I'm at my wits end and lets me cry, listens to my ridiculous complaints, and prays with me for patience and for a renewed heart.

In no way is our marriage perfect, but in every way we are perfect for one another. When I look into Zach's smiling eyes is when I feel like nothing in the world can bring me down. I am so so so thankful for that man, and believe that the Lord shows just how much He loves me through providing a husband who loves me about as close to unconditionally as I'll ever know on this earth.


Ruthie Hart said...

this just makes me so happy....you are probably going to fall even more in love with Zach when B gets here!! I love how you said "you picked me!" hehe love ya sister! Glad you are back to bloggin!

Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

I love this post! Mostly because I can relate 1000% haha.
I didn't really like being pregnant because I felt useless...and my hubby was like yours...he found joy in picking up around the house, not because he enjoyed it but because how much it meant to me...I was to the point I couldnt even bend over and get something off the floor and he would...and I hate to tell ya, but those hormones are intensified after baby comes. haha. When you said you just sometimes squeeze him because you love him so much will be a LOT after baby comes!
I remember my husband walking in the door the day after Melody was born and I just cried because I loved him so much and seeing him walk in the door made me so happy....good memories though...soak it all in!

Allyce R said...

I love this. So glad you found such a wonderful man to walk this journey with. It is amazing over the next year what you two will experience and I am so glad you have such a strong foundation! It is true what they say you will fall more in love once you see him become a dad as well! xoxo

Megan said...

Your husband sounds a lot like my boyfriend. We are really lucky to have such great guys. They are hard to come by! I totally know what you mean... my boyfriend still thinks I'm pretty when clearly I look like a bum! Haha.

Kasey Lynne said...

Katie, this is so sweet! Your love for him is so evident!

Anonymous said...

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