Thursday, November 8, 2012

This That and the Other

Thoughts that have been running through my head lately that I felt worth documenting : )

  • Memory. Foam. Mattress. Pad. Need I say more? Yes, I do need to. My hips have been sore since basically the day I found out I was pregnant. I wake up in the middle of the night with one or both of them tingling/numb, and they ache throughout the day. We invested in a mattress pad this weekend (on super sale from Kohl's, plus I signed up for a credit card so got an additional 20% off!!) and SWEET JESUS that thing is amazing! Not only have I been sleeping through the night since we bought it, my hips haven't even hurt a little! It's like a magic memory foam or something. Who knows, but totally worth the money we spent on it.

  • Moving help... I've never really been "in shape" persay, but with tasks that require extra strength I usually can power through. I'm used to being the slow, weak one, but I just tell myself to keep going and I'm good. Well pregnancy is no joke. It's not the same as being out of shape. Yesterday I tried to "power through" the last couple boxes to pack and cleaning our old house... three hours later I could barely walk my lower back hurt so bad. No one scold me - the ladies at camp already did. haha! I am so thankful for friends I feel comfortable enough asking to come over and unpack my house for me. It's not easy to ask someone to do that for you, and the Lord has been so faithful to bless us with quite a few willing hearts lately!
Norman looking out the window, probably at bugs.

  • With my due date being in December, our plans of an Atlanta Thanksgiving and Seattle Christmas kind of got interrupted. We didn't think we'd get to see family for either holiday, because both sides will wait to come until Mr Bennett arrives. I've cried many tears about spending both holidays by ourselves, I really wanted to be with family! Unexpectedly, my mom was able to get permission to work 'remotely' since she is expecting her first grandbaby, and she and my dad get to come for the week of Thanksgiving! I am so so so excited to have my mama here to help setup the baby's room!
my little shadow, Hadley.

  • We got a new director at camp a few weeks ago, and oh my goodness it has been amazing. He and his family are so much fun, and we've so enjoyed hanging out with them, and I've enjoyed having fun at work again! Also, his wife Jana blogs :) Check out the Mountain Momma! She's a Southern hoot. They're from Texas, so Zach has been having a blast with Micah talking about all their southern shtuff. I'm partial to Southerners since my amazing hubby and his incredible family are from there. :)
Looking down at San Diego from the mountain. It's cool living above the clouds!

  • It was 80 degrees on Tuesday, and it's forecasted to snow on Friday. Just sayin'. How do I dress for weather like that?


Allyce R said...

That is so awesome your parents get to come down for Thanksgiving! Glad everything is going so well, work, holidays, unpacking and having such wonderful friends to help with it all! Think about you often during this exciting time in your life!

Amira said...

I'm so happy you'll get to be with your family for Thanksgiving!! Things always have a way of working out, hah? :-)

Ruthie Hart said...

It will be that much better for the rest of your fam to wait until after benett is born yay!

Lauren said...

I can't believe you've just moved into your new house... I remember when you were sure if it was the right time to start a family because you didn't know if you'd have the space. I love love love how God provides time after time when you just take a leap of faith :)

Super thankful your parents get to come for Thanksgiving. After that you'll have that "any time now" feeling that will seem to both propel you through the end and make time stand still (funny how it can be both at the same time!). I guarantee as soon as Bennett is here though life will go at super speed and it will seem like the pregnancy was so short. The good news in all of this? Your family and baby boy will all be with you in such a short time! That's something to be excited about (and not a bit anxious might I add).

So many good things happening :)