Friday, November 9, 2012

My Thankful List & Friday's Letters

33 weeks :)

Dear Fall, thank you for finally arriving. My pregnant self appreciates it. Dear Sister, I am so so so proud of you for doing the 3-day walk next weekend! I can't wait to come cheer you on. Dear Bennett, you can't come out yet. It feels like you are trying to climb out my bellybutton and I'm so excited to meet you but you have to stay in just a little bit longer. Dear Face, I can't wait until you're back to your normal size. This whole puffy/swollen thing really does a number on my self esteem. Dear Mom & Dad, I am beyond excited to see you in one week! Dear Meg, Kasey, and Jamie, I am beyond excited to spend tomorrow with you! Keep praying I can get off this mountain safely!

This week, I am thankful for a God who loves me unconditionally. I have been overwhelmed by the ways He's answered prayers I didn't even have the strength to pray, yet He heard my heart's cries. The Lord is so faithful.. even when it takes patience on our end. He is working all things for His good and in his perfect timing.

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Katie said...

You are a beautiful pregnant lady!! yeah for time with friends this weekend!

Stormy said...

You are a gorgeous pregnant momma! Your bump is adorable!

Natalie Rush said...

So cute!! You look great! I know the puffiness gets old but I'm sure you're glowing anyway...just hard to see it as you feel like a house! :)

Congrats on the pregnancy! When are you due? I'm due April 9th!

Lisa @ MMT said...

You are so gorgeous! Bennett is such a cute name. I can't wait to see photos of him!
Your thankful note warmed my heart! God is so GOOD :)

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