Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For Kaylee

My darling Kaylee,

You are beautiful. 
God created you to be you, and by being true to yourself you are obeying him. 
You are His faithful servant. You are His masterpiece, when He sees you, He smiles. 
You make Him proud.

God has given you a gift of a beautiful singing voice, and a nack to play the guitar. 
You continually use this for His glory, and He is pleased with you.
By pursuing your dream of music, you are using the gifts He gave you every single day.
He loves you. Oh, how he loves you.

You are able to inspire people twice your age. 
Your radiance brightens the darkest spirits. 
Your honesty is also a gift, something not every one knows how to use, and being real will take you far, Kaylee. He gave you the ability to be so real.
You hurt much because you care much. It may be hard now, but it is a good thing to care so much.

Miss Kaylee, you make people laugh -- all the time. Do you realize what a gift this is? The gift of bringing joy. God has chosen you to have these specific qualities. You are so wise and you follow Him so faithfully, this will only bring you more understanding of Him. High school and college are so hard.. figuring out who you are is so hard. Keep leaning on Jesus Kayls. Only He can truly make your heart whole. Only He can strengthen your character. I admire you more than I say, and I wish I had your humor, joy, compassion, and dedication. The music you write reaches deep into people's souls, and blesses them more than you will probably ever realize. Jesus has put those words and notes in your heart for a reason. I am so proud of you, so so proud of you for allowing Him to use you through music. Keep going friend. Keep being you. Because that is exactly who He designed you to be.

I love you always, and I'll forever be here for you.


Rachel Larson said...

These are amazingly beautiful words Katie!

TaraR said...

What a sweet post. Love it and your adorable blog!

Happy Vday from your newest follower,
Tara xo

AllyceR said...

What a wonderful support you are!

Meg {henninglove} said...

lovely katie!! what an encouraging post and a great reminder that we all need to lean on Him!! hope you have a great valentines day my sweet friend!! xoxox

Nicole said...

Awesome Kate!!