Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lather Up! {My Fave Moisturizers}

This post is entirely inspired by the super dry, cold weather we've been having in these parts! I have very sensitive skin so as soon as the air turns dry, I am itchy scratchy almost immediately. When I lived in Colorado, I loved every aspect of it except for the dryness. By the end of the four months there, I literally needed a straight jacket to keep me from scratching! Now that we live in the mountains again, its definitely becoming an issue. Here are the ways I keep from the itchies! Not to mention having ashy dry skin is just plain unattractive.

#1 I make sure that nothing I buy contains mineral oil or anything ending in "-cone". Being in the beauty industry, I've learned that mineral oil causes a lotion (or whatever product you're using) to sit on the surface of your skin, and prevents it from soaking in to the many layers of skin that need moisture. I don't know the specifics of the "-cone" (I should probably research that one) but I've heard from people whom I trust that all those ingredients aren't good for you either. :) How's that for solid information?

#2 As soon as I get out of the shower, I immediately put lotion on my entire body, starting with my face. I do my face first so that I dont mix my body lotion with my sensitive facial skin. After my face, I just lather from my feet up to my shoulders using Hempz Age Defying Herbal Moisturizer. I am obsessed with this stuff and I like how it makes my skin feel and also how it smells. :) Sometimes I mix it up and buy the pomegranate Hempz.. it's also quite delish.

 #3 When my skin is ultra dry, and needs more than the regular routine, I add jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is amazing stuff, let me tell you! It is the closest thing found in nature to the oil that your body produces to moisturize itself (just one of the nuggets of gold you learn when you work for Aveda..). I just mix a pump of lotion and about 5 drops of jojoba oil in my hand, and then apply as usual. My favorite is Desert Essence and I buy it from Trader Joe's.

 #4 Since I live at 4800 feet elevation, it's pretty stinkin' dry up here. Lately I've been skipping the lotion and resorting to pure oil. Jojoba oil is aweome, but takes a while to soak in when I apply it alone. So when I want straight up moisture but not to feel all oily, I use Lavender Oil  or Coconut Oil. (both purchased from Trader Joe's who does not have an online site)

Not only do both of these moisturize amazingly well, but they also leave you smelling wonderfully!

I think that's all for now -- Thanks for reading!
I'd love any suggestions if you have something that works even better!


Meg {henninglove} said...

i love that hempz lotion it smells great. lately i have been using a goat milk lotion my aunt sent to me and it is so awesome! i have never tried actual oil but definitely have coconut oil at home, maybe it is worth a try

AllyceR said...

Love Hempz, I kind of forgot about it--I need to get some. Also, thanks for the tips about the oils at TJ's, love that store. I've missed your posts, good to see ya back! ;)

Ashley Shelley - The Christian Wife Life said...

I love Hempz! I gotta get some more of that stuff, it's been way too long since I've used it. And I'm absolutely gonna get some cool Katie-prescribed oils next time I go to TJ's. Thank you for being my blogger beauty consultant. :)

Jamie said...

I would have never thought of using straight up coconut oil on my skin, I buy it from Trader Joe's but use it only for cooking. I'm going to have to try it on my skin now!!! Thank you for the amazing tips, this dry weather does a number on my skin-especially my hands in the mornings. I love bath and body words cashmere hand lotion.

Katie said...

I LOVE Hempz lotion! It's a great moisturizer, and I love the scent. Thanks for the tip about the Jojoba oil! I'll definitely need to add that to my winter skin regimen!

Lauren said...

I WISH we had a Trader Joe's!!! Our liquor laws in OK have kept them from starting a store here which is really sad :( I might be able to find some of those oils at Whole Foods next time I go though (surely at a mark up but still). Right now I'm using Vitamin E oil on my belly. The lotion is just not enough and I've found the oil does a better job - I haven't ventured out from the E though!

Daisy said...

These sound great! Normally I use Aveno!

Kasey Lynne said...

LOVE that Hempz Moisturizer! I haven't used it in I think it's time to get a new bottle.