Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Amazing Grace

Had to pop in for a quick post tonight.

Let me set the scene to about two hours ago:

Hubs & I are sitting on the couch, watching Parenthood [addicted. both of us.] and we hear something faint in the background. It sounds like.. singing? Zach says, "hey, pause this" and we open our window. Sure enough, the 100 college students that are staying at camp right now are sitting around the campfire that is about a football field away from our house and below us [we're on a steep mountain] and we hear them singing. Hymn after hymn after hymn. Everything else is completely silent. 

Today sucked. I'll be honest I pouted all day, didn't talk to many people, and avoided that dang question, "is everything ok?"that more than five people asked. I am ok. I'm fine, but I miss my family, my back/neck hurt really bad, and frankly I just didn't feel like working. So I hermit-ed a little. And emailed Hollie about my struggling and relying on God, while I didn't rely on God all day. Oops.

Yes my back hurts, and I'm tired, and I want to go to Seattle and see my peeps but you know what? I live on a mountain that overlooks the ocean. I get to wake up and see deer in my front yard. I get to see the sun set over the ocean every night. I am married to my best friend & he loves me the same even on my bad days.

And that singing, those hymns, just made me realize. That is what really matters. That God cares about us, that He loves me, He loves you, and He deserves our praise.

Sitting on my couch, looking into the black outside the window and hearing 100 voices singing to our God, was the most peace I've felt in months.

I love when I get those reminders from God to simplify, focus on the most simple of all things. Silence, stars in a black sky, and hymns of praise. Amen.

Taken from the mountain I live on.


Anonymous said...

Love. Reading your blogs truly inspires me to push through tough times and leave it all in gods hands. You 2 rock!

Ps. This is Dom, i just didnt want to make an account haha

Erin said...

Wow. Where you live is breathtaking. Seriously girl..you are blessed. What a joy to wake up and take in the beauty of God's creation everyday...and nothing hits my heart harder than youth singing and praising to Jesus! :)

AllyceR said...

So beautiful. It is so amazing when we get these reminders on JUST the day we need them. Here's to a better day today, lady!

Katie said...

Beautiful story and a beautiful view!

Amanda Cool said...

I love those little moments God gives us as a sweet reminder of his constant love. The sun set photo is absolutely breath taking. You are definitely surrounded by God's beautiful creations! Just found your blog and so glad I did!

Meg {henninglove} said...

beautiful katie! it is hard to feel all the joy and gladness God provides when you are a bit down, even if there is no particular reason. But sometimes it can simply be hymns that bring us back into focus, bring us back into thinking what matters most God!