Monday, January 30, 2012

Makeover Monday {Foundation}

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Today's topic is Foundation. What would we do without it?! I will NOT be showing before and after pics, because I am actually super self conscious without foundation on. I was blessed with a dominant Scottish gene so I have ghostly white skin with splotches of pink. And perpetual dark circles. [literally they never go away. sleep or not. if you have a cure, I'd love to know.] Cute, I know. On to the whole point of this post... what I use to cover all those splotchies and dark circles up!!

I use my moisturizer as a primer.  

For special occasions [like our wedding and Miranda Lambert concerts] I use Dream Liquid Mousse.

Its the bomb. I know I say that a lot. But it really is. However, I really don't use liquid foundation very often even though I think it looks really pretty. I guess I just like to go more natural for every day make up.

Next -well actually first [on a regular basis] I use Loreal True Match Concealer which is cool because not only do you choose how light/dark you want but also if you want Warm, Cool, or Neutral. I like all the options!

On top of that I brush Bare Escentuals which is stupid expensive & I'd love to find something for less! Which is where YOU come in! So linky uppy with us!!

So excited to read y'alls posts and hopefully learn a thing or two!

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Kaylyn said...

Mary Kay has a product called the Facial Highlighting Pen that works miracles for ladies with dark circles. If you're interested, choose shade 3. The undertones in that shade will fade out the blue in dark circles. Just mix it with a bit of your foundation, apply it to the dark circles, and there ya have it :)

Ruthie Hart said...

I use that first foundation too!! I love it! way better than any Mac I've used and hello..CHEAPER!

AllyceR said...

Right there with you on the Bare Minerals! Love!

diary of this girl - megan said...

i have perpetual dark circles, too! they are the worst. i use bare minerals and am in love with it! do not love the cost though :( they have a product called "well rested" that is great for dark circles! it is light, and can be used directly under your eyes, in the corner, etc. best part? it won't irritate your skin :)

thank you for sharing!

Molly Jac said...

Geez you always have good advice. haha. Man I need a concealer and so glad so many people posted about them! Yay!!! Love your post link-up partner :)

Jamie said...

We are major makeup twinsies!!! Don't you just love Bare Minerals? It took me a while to be okay with the coverage, but I just love the effortless of it!
P.S: I'm counting down the days till Saturday!!!

Elise said...

I'm soooo glad you did this this week! My MAC tinted moisturizer is almost out and I just want to be cheap. You like it therefore, I probably will too. Is it pretty light on your skin? I hate feeling like my face is suffocating!

Shane said...

Dream liquid mousse is my go to fix!

xo Shane

Angela said...

Great post! I will have to link up sometime! :)

Love your blog! Found you from #FF!